Dr. H. Lavar Pope, Ph.D.


Dr. H. Lavar Pope, Ph.D. is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science at Ohio University (Athens, OH). " His research focuses on the intersection between Race & Ethnic Politics, Political Communication, and American Political Development. Dr. Pope has written journal articles and book chapters on rap music as a form of political communication in the aftermath of the Civil Rights and Racial Justice Movement, including: "Hyphy Rap Music, Cooptation, and Black Fanatics in Oakland, CA (1994–2010)" and " The Politics of Violence, Hustling, and Contempt in the Oakland, CA Rap Music Scene."


He developed this focus and specialization through: practice as a professional disc jockey (DJ) in locale scenes; through research while earning a Ph.D. in Politics at the University of California, Santa Cruz; and though course design and instruction at undergraduate, graduate, and community college levels. During this time, Dr. Pope also created multiple special topics Political Science, Africana Studies, and Gender Studies courses including: a course on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s COINTELPRO program and quest to hunt the “Black Messiah” and a course on the local development of rap music in 24 inner-city locations.


Currently, Dr. Pope teaches "Urban Politics," "Politics of Race," and "Black Political Thought." Meanwhile, his current book manuscript (The Black Colony: The Subversive Politics of Rap Music in Oakland, CA since 1965) further explores a micro-scene investigation of local political discourse development, and he is preparing an article that examines the rise of emulation-based video and audio manipulation and its relevance to political campaigns led by both mainstream entities and underground participants ("A New Industry Standard: Illustrating Video Manipulation with a Digital VinylSystem and Exploring its Implications for Political Communication Specialists”). In addition, he is developing an article on 2014 responses to the killing of unarmed black youth in places such as Ferguson, MO and Staten Island, NY.


Dr. Pope has received awards and grants from University of California, Santa Cruz, Rutgers University, Lehigh University, and the American Political Science Association. To contact Dr. Pope, please email him at lavarpope@gmail.com.